Twelve Minute Couplet Ladders

Thursday is a strength focus at The Training Room so therefore. we’ll be covering ALL bases with twelve minute couplet ladders.

The whole idea on this one is to ladder up on each movement while alternating between the two movements in each couplet.

Keep you reps fresh and crisp!

Don’t fatigue yourself on the movements and take your time.

Move up in weight where you feel appropriate.

Both couplets and ladders are an extremely efficient way of getting a lot of quality work done in a short period of time.

Your rep schemes can be 1-5 or 2-10 depending on how heavy or light you decide to go.

Couplet 1

  • Clean and press, or 2 superman’s 2 pushups
  • Pull-ups, Ring rows or kettlebell rows

Couplet 2

  • Squat choice
  • Abs

Couplet 3

  • Pick 2 cardio itmes or body weight calisthenic items and ladder down 10-2 on calories or reps.

Attack your Thursday!

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Get your teams together!


Here are a few things you can do with bands that you may have not seen!

Feel free to try some of this stuff out when you come into the gym…