Descending Interval Cardio Circuit: Training Room Style!

After starting the week STRONG with some Bodyweight Strength, we are kicking it up with a classic Training Room Cardio Circuit! 

Tuesday’s Cardio Circuit is sure to get your heart pumping!

Following a nice warm up, you will complete 4 Rounds of a descending interval circuit.  Some of the stations will be split up into two exercises as listed below.

Here are your Intervals: Rd 1 (60/30), Rd 2 (50/25), Rd 3 (40/20),  Rd 4 (30/15)

If you are using a timer at home, you can set the intervals:

Rd 1 (30 sec), Rd 2 (25 sec), Rd 3 (20 sec), Rd 4 (15 sec)

This way, you can start your own timer at home when we start ours and we can all stay in sync!

Below is your Conditioning Circuit. 

The entire circuit can be done stationary which makes it a great small space workout!

  1. Swings 30secs / Bodyweight Squats 30sec:
  2. Jump Rope, Jumping Jacks or Rope Flow 60sec
  3. Ab choice #1 30 sec / Ab choice #2 30 sec 
  4. Run in place or Marching 60 sec
  5. Chair step-ups 30 sec/ 1/2 burps or knee tucks 30 sec:
  6. Squat Thrust or Cardio Choice

We will REST 1 Minute between each Round!  

Let’s have a GREAT Conditioning Workout!  

Here is the Live Link for 7am Tuesday: