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If you’ve been following us consistently, you will notice that we’ve been keeping the strength workouts pretty basic and consistent.

We do vary many of the conditioning workouts.

Some people may think that some strength sessions are boring. If you’re bored, find a good training partner.

A training partner will help to step up your game.

There is no reason to get complicated or fancy with strength workouts. The fact is, that you MUST be consistent with strength in order to progress and get RESULTS!

You MUST attempt personal bests to break through plateaus.

You also MUST master the basic movements and not get too fancy. I’ve seen too many people injure themselves by getting to elaborate with strength movements.

Today we will take some of the basics and do them in alternate fashion in usual 5×5 format.

Alternate Kettlebell 5×5 Strength

Take your time between sets and try to work up in weight.

Do this alternate with a partner, or circuit through solo with some good tunes on.

  • Alternate leg reverse lunge (racked or suitcase)
  • Renegade rows
  • Alternate arm cleans
  • See saw press
  • Choice of get ups (5/5), Windmills, or walkouts

Advanced can combine the get ups and windmills.  DO NOT go to muscle fatigue.