Fast Conditioning couplets for Monday

This week (week 8)  at The Training Room will begin with a crowd favorite,(20/10) fast conditioning couplets!

Start the week out in a positive way by showing up at The Training Room! 

Speaking of SHOWING UP…

It looks like we’ll have a really nice turn out for our upcoming FIT 25 Challenge on January 27.

If you are on the “list” but have not registered for the event yet, go here today and do so! 

It also looks like we will be doing the afterparty (that evening) at The Anchor Tavern in Belmar.


Here’s what Monday looks like…

20/10 x 10 couplets (5 rounds of each)

Couplet 1

  • Jump pull or high pul
  • Mountain climbers

Couplet 2

Couplet 3

Couplet 4

  • Dumbbell push-press
  • Body weight/drop squat or squat jump

Couplet 5

  • Bike x 5
  • Ski x 5

Let’s make it a great week.

No excuses!