1 Minute Fast or Slow Strength Intervals

We’ve got your fast or slow strength moves on Wednesday at The Training Room!


It’s a strength focus!

1 minute of work  with 1 minute active recovery for 5 rounds of 3 exercises

You can choose from a variety of movements, some are faster and more explosive and some are slower strength movements.

Use the 1 minute recovery to work on other things such as…

  • Some abs (crowd favorite)
  • Mobility work or stretching (not a crowd favorite)
  • Gun show or arm farm
  • Weighted carries (farmer stuff)
  • Freestyle moves

Here’s your circuit

  • Lower body choice( squats, swings,cleans, or deadlift choice)
  • Upper push ( push-ups, push press, see saw, jerks)
  • Upper pull, abs, or long cycle

Challenge yourself, push your Training Room friends to get better!

Have a great Wednesday!