This one is inspired by Monkey Bar Gym.

2 Rounds:

  • Round 1: 1 min. work/1 min rest
  • Round 2: 30 sec work/30 sec rest

2 minutes rest between each round

  • Pull ups or body weight rows
  • sandbag front squats
  • push ups
  • kettlebell snatches right
  • kettlebell snatches left
  • Power rope
  • plank/evil wheel/push up walk-outs
  • double kettlebell cleans
  • sit ups (hands behind head)

If you are looking to learn some new material, or maybe interrested in joining the CFJS Family now’s your chance! 

Tomorrow 1/5/08 , we will be hosting an intro to CrossFit class from 10-11am.  There will be a $15 charge for the class.

Hope to see you there!