Strength Couplets

  • Set the Gym Boss at 20 work/20 rest.
  • Do 6 rounds of each couplet. 
  • Do 20 seconds of work/20 seconds rest/20 seconds work taking 20 seconds rest between L/R sides or exercises in each couplet.
  • Complete all 6 rounds before moving to the next station(couplet)
  • Take a minute rest between each station(couplet)

Here are the stations(couplets)

  • Ring rows/ring push ups
  • Split squats L/R
  • Kettlebell clean and press L/R
  • Kettlebell swings/Kneeling slam ball

Our famous "Labor Day Workout" will take place at 8 am on Monday 9/1.  This will be the only workout of the day so take advantage.