Hey guys!

We are trying to get everyone signed up for the Winter Games…

We need a headcount for event T shirts and would like to get a jump on this.

Running these events take a lot of time and energy and we would like to be ahead of the game.


Today is condioning day and here is your conditioning circuit…

Stay at each station and complete 2 rounds.

Work for 30 seconds while resting for 15 seconds.

Go through the entire circuit 5 times.

Take a 1;30 rest after each round.

  • Row 30/15 x2
  • Bike 30/15 x2
  • Ski, squat thrust or versa climb 30/15 x2
  • Jump rope or shuttle 30/15 x2

1:30 rest

Repeat 4 more times!…

Have a blast….

Also have a great Wednesday!

Classic video here!