That will be the on the back of our new T-shirt design thanks to Yoga Joan!

Yoga Joan will get a complementary hoody!

Try this one out!!!

Going Navy Seal Style!

In this order

  1. Sign the waiver
  2. Put on your wet suit.  You'll need at least a 4-5 mil because the water's in the 40's(we will supply for  those who don't have one)
  3. Pick up your kettlebells
  4. Farmer walk to the beach
  5. Drop your bells in the sand
  6. Jog down to the water
  7. Swim to the bell bouey(about .5 miles)
  8. If you make it back, go back to your bells
  9. pick up one bell and start snatching
  10. keep on snatching!!!!
  11. Do this for 10 minutes (SSST)
  12. When you are done snatching, farmer walk back to the gym.
  13. Put your bells back where you got them
  14. If you make it, we'll see you at the party a 4pm!!!
  15. Don't be a sissy!!
  16. No complaining!!!

See you at the party!

The Milkman got me on the swim, but I caught him on the snatches!

The farmers walk back to the gym was rough!

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