I bet you’re looking forward to some of this!

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Today we will be doing a very simple strength couplet.

We find the best way to keep things efficient is to set our work and rest intervals.

When training strength in this manner, make sure to take your time when performing the movement and do not go to muscle failure.

Keep your form strict and go as heavy as you can while not sacrificing form.

Let’s do this!

Warm up with a two round kettlebell warm up.

Here’s another simple one…


Couplet 1: 30 w /30 r x 5 rounds

  • Renegade rows or one arm rows
  • Alternate reverse lunges)

Rest 2 minutes

Couplet 2: 30 w /30 r x 5 rounds

  • Clean and press left
  • Clean and press right

Rest 2 minutes

Couplet 3: 30/20 x 5

  • Choice of row, shuttle run,ski erg, versa climb, jump rope
  • Ab choice (plank,power wheel,suspended plank variations)