Isotonic and Isometric Strength Circuits for Tuesday!

We need both isotonic and isometric strength in our lives!

Trust us…

This means we will be combining both types of exercise (isometric and isotonic) in Thursday’s strength workout for a well rounded session right here at The Training Room.

In other words, we will be alternating between moving at full range (circuit 1) of motion and then doing a static hold (circuit 2).

The Training Room will never leave you hanging and will ALWAYS have your back when it comes to the right combination of exercises and workouts.

6 total rounds of muscle pumping FUN!

Here’s what it will look like…

First, we will complete the isotonic circuit (moving).

Thirty seconds of work with a thirty second rest of the following movements.(circuit 1)

  • Pull up or ring rows
  • Squat choice
  • Over head press or push up
  • Deadlift or swings
  • Abdominal choice

Then, we’ll do the isometric circuit (Holding)

  • Pull up or row (hold at the top range)
  • Hold around 90 degrees in the squat
  • Hold weight overhead or the up or down position of the push up
  • Supermans or wall hinge hold
  • Ab choice hold, hollow position hold

Rounds 3-6 will look like this…

  • Repeat circuit 1
  • Repeat circuit 2
  • Repeat circuit 1
  • Repeat circuit 2

Have an amazing Tuesday!

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