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Hey Training Room Family!

Hopefully you all had a great weekend.

Take a quick tour of the new gym…

We’ll be starting out the week with a kettlebell and body weight strength circuit…

Since today’s session involves basis kettlebell movements, we will warm up with a two round kettlebell warm up and practice our technique.

We will stick with 1 minute intervals of work with a 30 second rest…

Switch sides on the 30 seconds mark (on the single sided kettlebell/body weight movements)

Take your time on each movement and perform them under control with great technique.

Complete 4 rounds non stop

  • 1 arm ring rows L/R
  • Step-ups L/R
  • 1 arm chest press KB or DB bench or floor press L/R
  • Single leg deads L/R
  • Get ups L/R, walkouts, plank variations or suspended knees to chest

Here’s some technique on the single leg deads and the importance of keeping the shoulder in the socket by contracting the lats and maintaining neutral spine.

Have a great Monday!!