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Happy Monday!

Today we will train strength.

Warm up with join mobility, body weight and basic kettlebell movements.

We will do this workout with a partner.

One person will work while the other recovers. Take your time, do not rush through this workout.

Go heavy today and try for your personal bests in all the lifts.

Go through 5 sets of 5 reps of each of the movements.

  • Double kettlebell front squats or trap bar dead lift
  • Overhead presses: You can use dumbells, kettlebells, or even the bar
  • Pull ups: Add weight if you can
  • Slow 5 count leg curls on the TRX or swing set
  • Slow ab mat sit ups

Hmmm, the peg board may have to be used today!

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Enjoy the day!

I hear it may stop raining by Tuesday.