Good morning all!!

We’ll be wrapping up the week with a fun variety strength session.

Since Boxing Mike took the time to make a bunch of sand bags for the Point Pleasant gym (our other one’s got crushed by Super Storm Sandy), you will have that option to choose from today.

If you have never worked with sandbags before, you should give them a try.

As usual, we will start with joint mobility and a kettlebell warm up.

You will have the choice today between single kettlebell, double kettlebell or sand bag movements.

The 5×5 protocol is very simple and effective and this is why we choose it for strength.

5 sets of 5 reps of the following movements.

  • See saw press or sandbag shoulder press
  • Alternate kettlebell cleans (one or two bells) or sandbag shouldering
  • Renegade row 5/5, one arm row 5/5 or sandbag bent row
  • Step ups kettlebell or sand bag
  • Ab choice (get ups, windmills, walkouts, power wheel, suspended knees to chest, hanging knee raise)

Do your first two sets with moderate weight, then complete you last 3 with heavy weight but not so heavy that it will compromise your form.

Watch the video for tips…