Get your conditioning shoes on folks!

Get ready to assassinate those pesky adipose dudes.

I was was fortunate enough to jump into 6am class with the infamous John Reilly and Louie the Greek!

I wasn’t planning on it, but I’m glad it’s over with.  It’s just better training within a group.

The group dynamic makes you work harder then you would training solo.

We’ll give you a few options today, with the exception of Boxing Mike (you’re rowing hahahaha!)

Three person teams.

If you are solo, you will rest for twice the amount of time it took to perform the interval.

Run, Row,Ski or Air Dyne

250 meters x 10 intervals ALL OUT!!

If you are Air Dyning, you will do 0.3 intervals.

Here’s a little Milkman/G man montage for your viewing pleasure!