1 Minute Intervals

Monday is a conditioning focus, so we’ll be going with 1 minute intervals.

Let’s get to WORK!

Choose 3 different items  and do 1 minute of work with a 1 minute active rest for 5 sets on each.

Fifteen sets total (30 minutes)

Pick any 3 of these things…

  • row
  • bike
  • ski
  • sled push or pull
  • jump rope
  • squat thrust
  • burpee
  • kettlebell sport
  • run

Some examples of active rest can include…

  • Ab work
  • Light dumbbell work such as arms or shoulders
  • Band pulls
  • walking
  • Moving easy on your cardio piece.
  • Farmer carry
  • Mobility work or stretching

Let’s have a quality week!