Thursday on the 2 minute challenge!

Training Room family!

We hope you’re getting geared up for the 8 week reset because we are!

Make sure you sign up and commit so we can start sending out the appropriate info.

Here’s the sign up link for both Avon and Manasquan locations.

Thursday is challenge day…

Here’s one you’ve never seen before.

On the 2 minute mark…

Pick your cardio choice.

  • 250 meters row
  • 250 meters ski
  • 250 run
  • 500 meters bike

After you complete your cardio choice, do 1 burpee.

With each round, add 1 burpee until you cannot keep the pace anymore.

YES! Add 1 burpee after every set!

You should get a minimum of 10 rounds.

  • Intermediate should do 225 meters
  • Beginners can do 200 meters

Burpees can ALSO be replaced by squat thrusts.