One Minute Intervals for Thursday

Since Thursday is a conditioning focus, we’ve got one minute intervals lined up for you at The Training Room.

This one will be done as a circuit (meaning we will be rotating through)

Intervals will be 1 minute of work with a thirty second rest between stations…

Complete 4 rounds of the following circuit…

Take a 1 minute break between each circuit.

Here’s what the circuit looks like:

  • Row
  • Slam ball (kneeling or standing)
  • Bike
  • Ski
  • Sled or step up

Make sure to save the date…

January 27 is our 25 year anniversary challenge and celebration!

There will be 1 (solo competitors), 2 or 3 person teams.

Here’s the breakdown of the challenge:

5 Minutes of work with a 1 minute rest of the following (25 minutes of total work)

  • Row (total calories)
  • Slam ball (weights: male 20, co-ed 15, female 10) add total reps
  • Bike (total calories)
  • Ski (total calories)
  • Sled (down and back is 10 points)

Add reps and calories to get the total score.

Divisions and Categories

  • Male
  • Co-ed
  • Female
  • Open
  • Masters 55+
  • Legends 70+

We will kick it off with the first heat running at 7 AM.

Two teams (or solos) will go at one time.

Every 6 minutes, a new group will start.

Registration includes:

  • Event participation
  • T-shirt
  • Party
  • Raffle to win prizes

Register HERE for the 25 Year Anniversary Challenge and Celebration.

Have a great Thursday!