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A Tribute to Matty

On Wednesday, we lost one of our own…

This one hits hard.

We morn one of the greats…

An amazing friend, father and husband.

Matt was the salt of the earth, always had a smile on his face and wouid do ANYTHING for ANYONE.

He will be greatly missed, but will ALWAYS be present in the hearts of EVERYONE who really knew him.

This one’s for YOU Matty (AKA Fertilizer Matt to our Training Room family).

Cheers to you Matty!

This was always one of our favorite pics of Matt!

If you knew Matt, please feel free to drop a comment below!

Thursday we have a classic single sided strength workout for you and of course a finisher!

Saturday Warrior Challenge Rain or Shine!  Be there at 8am, heats go off at 9!

Give a little extra for our good friend Matty!

The 7am DREAM TEAM will always bring laughter and incredible lasting memories of true friendship!

Single Sided Strength

60 seconds work / 30 seconds rest x 4 rounds:

  • Split squat L/R
  • Row L/R
  • Single leg deadlift L/R
  • Press L/R
  • Ab Choice (1 Minute or split 30/30)


You will complete 1 round of the following circuit

60 work / 30 rest:

  • row
  • ski
  • bike
  • Run or JJ
  • squat thrust, slam ball, sledge hammer, etc.

Here’s a Strength Video Workout perfect for Thursday or anytime this week!