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Single Sided Strength Day!

Training Room Family!

Looks like it’s suppose to be a great day so get outside and enjoy it!  We have a solid single sided strength workout to start your day strong!

Also, there will be NO Yoga Class Saturday this weekend.

If you enjoy the yoga and benefit from it, let us know!

Saturday’s Workout is a solid Single Sided Strength Day!

Intervals: 30 seconds work / 15 seconds rest 

You will complete 5 Rounds
  • split squat -right
  • split squat – left
  • row -right
  • row -left
  • strict press -right
  • strict press -left
  • Supermans, Birddog, or Hip Bridge
  • AB Choice

Alicia made a short video below to remind everyone to keep those hips back, chest forward and a nice long spine!

Here’s a link to our Live Class at 8 am on Saturday:

Technology failed us…

Here’s part 2