Single sided strength and a finisher for you on Friday at The Training Room!

We do single sided strength sessions to help balance us out.

Obviously we all have a dominant or stronger side of our body, so it’s consistent sessions like this one that will help us to “even out”.

Here’s what we’ve got for you on Friday at The Training Room.

60/30 x 3 rounds of the following circuit (30 seconds of work on each side)

  1. Single leg deadlift R/L
  2. Floor press R/L
  3. Split squats R/L
  4. 1 arm rows R/L
  5. Abs
Now for the 100 calorie finisher!

60/30 x (until you reach 100 calories total)

Once you hit 100 calories your done!

  • row
  • bike
  • ski
  • step-ups 
  • burpees, or slam (2=1 calorie) 

Have a great weekend!

Keep your eye out for ROW for HOPE registration.

It’s a half marathon distance (21,097 meters) done solo, partner of teams of 3 or 4 people.

The event is May 13 at Goodsports USA in Wall. 

Let’s GO!

Favorite single leg deadlift variation here!

Don’t be afraid to try it out (go lighter if needed)