Strength comes in small doses!

What does this mean?

Progress a little bit at a time, and DO NOT bite off more then you can chew or handle.

Check your EGO at the door!

The Training Room leaders DO NOT want to see you in Physical Therapy or the Orthopaedic Doc.

More valuable advice here…

Since Monday was fast paced…
Tuesday will be a strength based! (That Rhymes in case you didn’t notice)

Let’s make it a great day!

Try out some new things…

Ask a few questions and let’s focus on being stronger and healthier humans!


There is ALWAYS room for improvement. (and dessert, but you must earn that)

NOW for Tuesday’s Strength Session…
Strength and Conditioning Triplets for effectiveness and efficiency!

10 minutes and 10 reps each…

Stay FRESH and don’t go to complete muscle failure.

That will compromise your quality of movement!


Small doses are the way to go to help reach your goals!

Triplet 1

  • Ring row
  • Push-ups
  • Bike x 10 calories: 2.

Triplet 2

  • Dead cleans or Snatch
  • Weighted step ups or step downs
  • Ski erg 10 calories or 50 jumping jacks

Triplet 3

  • Med ball sit-up or body weight (cross crunch)
  • Med ball, band twist or Bulgarian Bag 10/10
  • Row 10 calories or Run 100 yards

We will rest 2 mintues between each 10 minute triplet!

Here’s a Pamdemic classic from March of 2020 if you want something to follow along to!