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The snow shovel warm up will be wating for you Friday!

Let’s get our bodies prepared for LIFE’S activiites…

We will have 2 strength and conditioning COMBO circuits for you on Friday.

This one will be JUST the right one after Thursdays BIG conditioning extravaganza.

Also, stay tuned to the weather cituation as it pertains to Saturday class schedule.


We are looking to do an 8 AM class in Avon starting this Sunday!

Make sure to get this weeks challenge done by Saturday.

Go through The Training Room Triathlon in this order…

  • ski erg 500 meters
  • Bike 1000 meters
  • Row 500 meters

Go as hard as you can, record your time and we will retest in 4 weeks!

We’re seeing some nice times up on the board!

If you joined the 12 week fitness challenge,  make sure to get over to Atlanitc Exercise Physiology by Saturday for your assessment.

Upcoming gym social events

We will keep you fit and occupied this Winter!

NOW for Friday’s snow shovel warm up.

We have 2 circuits

Circuit 1: Strength and Conditioning 30/20 x 4 rounds
  • ring row or pull-up
  • goblet squat
  • abs
  • bike sprints
Circuit 2:Strength and Conditioning 30/20 x 4 rounds
  • Push-up
  • deadlift options or swing options
  • abs
  • Ski, Jump rope or SLED

Bring it!

Here’s a little something to follow at home!