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Strength Couplets

Wednesday it’s time to slow down the pace and focus on building some foundational strength.

Your intervals will be 30 work / 30 rest x 5 rounds at each couplet.  The last set is a triplet with less rest between exercises.

We don’t always focus on smaller muscle groups.  However, when you do isolate your tricpes and biceps it will make you that much better at doing push ups and pull ups!

Couplet #1 

  • Strict overhead seated press
  • deadlifts or supermans

Couplet #2

  • Pull-ups or assisted pull ups
  • Abs choice 

Triplet #3 (30/20 x 4 rounds):

  • Curls
  • Triceps
  • Cardio

Here’s a strength workout video you can follow along with at home!  It’s a little different than the workout above, but will still give you awesome results!