A Strong Start to the Week

Let’s start strong!

A new week means it’s time fo work on gettig a little bit better in and out of the gym.

One way for all of us to get better is to become stronger humans.

A stonger body just makes life’s tasks easier.

Speaking of…

Warrior Challenge registration goes live this week!

The event is on September 17.

Have you seen the Warrior Challenge course for this year?

By the way, this year’s event will be done solo or with a partner.

As usual, ALL proceeds will be donated to Taskforce Dagger.

No to Monday’s workout….

This circuit of strength will be a good start to another great week of fitness at The Training Room.

Let’s do this!

Heavy circuit of strength

30 seconds of work /30 seconds of rest x 5 rounds


Pick one cardio option…

Do 5 minutes max set of calories or reps. See how many you can get in 5 minutes.

  • Row
  • bike
  • ski,
  • Long cycle
  • snatches
  • jerks
  • burpees

Go out and have an amazing week!

An example of functional and useful strength…