Kettlebell complexes are a great way of getting a fantastic workout in a short period of time(great bang for the buck).  When executing kettlebell complexes, we transition from one movement the the next smoothly and precisely without putting down the bell.  We like to string 5 or 6 movements together and blast through them  with no rest until complete.  After completing one full complex, we will rest for  1-2 minutes and repeat several more times.

It is important to use the right weight bell and keep form crisp.  Do not work to muscle fatigue , this may lead to disaster ( injury).

Complexes are not limited to just kettlebells, they can also be executed with barbells, dumbbells, med balls and sandbags.  Each of these modalities have their advantages, and are all affective methods.

We prefer the portability and convenience of the kettlebell, making it ideal for any setting including home, gym, or backyard.

Kettlebell complexes work well with large groups or sports teams as an incredible strength and conditioning tool.  They are a fun, simple and affective way of cranking up your level of fitness and metabolic rate.

Here are few examples or 1 and 2 handed complexes:

Complex 1 (1 hand)

  • 1 handed swing 5r/5l
  • 1 handed high pull 5r/5l
  • 1 handed clean and press 5r/5l
  • snatch 5rl5l
  • 1 handed thruster 5r/5l
  • 1 arm row 5r/5l

Complex 2 (2 handed)

  • 2 handed swing
  • 2 handed high pull
  • 2 handed clean/catch/press
  • snatch pull
  • 2 handed thruster
  • 1 arm row

Complex 3 (1 handed)

  • 1 handed swing 5r/5l
  • clean 5r/5l
  • push press or jerk 5r/5l
  • reverse lunge 5r/5l ( hold the bell at the chest)
  • snatch 5r/5l
  • 1 arm row 5r/5l

Complex 4 ( 2 kettlebells)

  • Sumo dead lift 5 (bells between legs)  or suitcase dead lift (bells outside of legs)
  • double clean 5
  • double push press or jerk 5
  • bent over row (or renegade row) 5r/5l
  • double kb swing 5

This is just the tip of the iceberg as far as complexes go.  There are unlimited variations.  Use your imagination and create your own complexes.

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