Super Saturday!

What better way to spend your super Saturday morning then at The Training Room with the Milkman??

It’s strength focus day at The TR.

Classes are at both 7:30 and 9 AM!

You’ll be happy you showed up for this one.

Saturday Supersets for Strength!

Let’s make this weekend a great one starting out with some strength supersets.

Here’s what we’re doing…

Part 1

30/30 x 6 supersets (alternating between 2 movements with precision and purpose)

Superset 1
  • Goblet squats
  • 1 arm row or ring rows
Superset 2
  • Swings, deads, or supermans
  • Overhead press, or push-up

Part 2

10 minute AMRAP of the following…
  • 5 burpees, squat thrusts, or 10 shoulder taps
  • 10 snatches, cleans, broard jumps, or deadlift
  • 15 mountain climbers
  • 20 Air squats or step-ups
  • 25 jumping jacks or 50 jump rope revolutions 

Have a wonderful weekend!