Summer is just around the corner.

Get ready for our annual Weight Loss Challenge!  Our version of "Biggest Loser" will begin on Monday 1/14.  We will be giving away a free month of training to one male and one female winner based on percentage of weight loss.

Our metabolic condtioning system is designed to crank up your metabolic rate.  If you want to kick start your metabolism and energy levels, try our Metabolic Nutrition System.  We carry this along with other fine Advocare products.

Check with Jim and Mike for details.

Today’s Workout: Power Triplets

Spend 10 minutes at each station doing 20 work/20rest/20 work on the Gym Boss Timer

  1. Box lunge right / box lunge left / push ups
  2. Pull ups / kettlebell swings / shoulder press
  3. hanging knee raise / sit up / low back extension

A few shots of this morning’s sunrise!