Mommy’s workout book says:

Use the Gymboss Timer and do four rounds of 30w/30w/30r of:

  • kettlebell push press L/R: 30/30
  • plank/evil wheel/power wheel walks: 1 min.
  • kettlebell one arm row L/R: 30/30
  • Sand bag clean and squat: 1 min
  • Ab mat sit ups: 1 min.
  • kettlebell snatch L/R or swing L/R: 30/30
  • Reverse crunch or hanging knee raise and med ball sit and reach: 30/30

Go as heavy as possible without sacrificing form and do not go to muscle failior.  Transition smoothly from one side to the next without resting on the stations labeled 30/30. Where it says 1 min., you will execute the movement for 1 minute straight.  There will be a 30 second rest between movements for 4 straight rounds.