We give you strength on Wednesday!

Don’t skip out on strength day…

Everyone can ALWAYS use more strength.

These are the days where we should be trying some new things and working on weaknesses.

Working outside the comfort zone as how we get get physically and mentally stronger.

Speaking of the discomfort zone…

The Manasquan Inlet Tug is Sunday!

Come out and support your Training Room freinds!


If you competed in The Warrior Challenge…

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If you show up at The Training Room on Wednesday you’re in luck because it’s STRENGTH DAY!

Here it is…

30 seconds of moving with a  30 second static hold…

30 seconds of rest x 4 rounds

  • Squats
  • Ring row or pull-ups
  • Superman’s, bird dog, or hip bridge
  • Push-up
  • Abs


Option 1
  • 20 seconds farmers hold
  • 20 seconds rack
  • 20 seconds overhead x 4-5 rounds
Option 2
  • cardio choice 20 seconds easy, 20 seconds moderate, 20 second sprint x 5 rounds