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Strength Supersets

Let’s work strong and smart on Wednesday!  We have our Memberships, Punch Cards and Packages always available on our website HERE.

  • Mike Stehle is always cooking up new adventures!  Join him for a TREK out in the woods or out to the Pull Up Bars in Manasquan or Avon!
  • MILKMAN is running classes specific to Kettlebell Sport and can also be incorporated in nearly every workout (example below)!
  • Brian runs a GREAT athlete class in Manasquan!  He’s always makes the workouts FUN!
  • We also have a certified GOATA Movement Coach on our team to help make you better and injury resistant.  Ask Alicia for more details!


Strength Supersets:

1 Minute On / 1 Minute Off x 10 Total Rounds

  1. 1 or 2 Kettlebell Push Press or Jerks
  2. 1 or 2 Kettlebell Cleans, Snatches or Single Leg Deadlifts

Your 1 Minute Rest can be light cardio or Ab Choice


Partner: 250m Cardio while partner holds a plank OR 2 kettlebells in the racked position

Repeat for 3-4 Rounds!

Here’s a GREAT Double Header Strength Workout for those at home or far far away!