Don’t miss out on strength day!

Full body strength day…

Yes, we’ve got a nice full body strength circuit lined up for you on Thursday!

Since Wednesday was a conditioning day (we hope you enjoyed the cardio deck of cards)

We will be hitting ALL the essential muscle groups in a functional strength circuit that you will LOVE!


Since there is a Nor’ easter moving in on Saturday, the Endless Summer Challenge will be moved to Saturday, October 14!

Go here to register if you have not already done so!


The Manasquan Inlet TUG will be Sunday, October 8!

If you participated in this last year, go HERE to register!

BACK to Strenth DAY…

Work time will be one minute and rest time will be thirty seconds.

This will be a single limb circuit, meaning one limb at a time in order to help us work on weaknesses and balance out our bodies.

There is purpose to every session that’s done at The Training Room.

Here’s the circuit:

60/30 x 4 rounds of the following movements…

Working each limb for thirty seconds and resting for thirty seconds.

  • Step-ups or Step downs L/ R slow and under control
  • Floor or bench press L/R
  • Single leg deadlift L/R
  • 1 arm rows L/R
  • Side plank or side bends, windmills (progression video), or get ups.

Here are a couple of cool single leg dealift variations that you probably have never seen.

Finish with 60/30 x 4 rounds of the following couplet…

  • Farmer carry  
  • Plank or crawl


I nice goal to have is to be able to carry your body weight for 1 minute without setting down the weights.

Have a wonderful Thursday.