Strength and more on Saturday!

It’s been an amazing week of training, but we’re not finished yet. Some strength and more for you on Saturday to wrap things up.

We hope your Training Room week was great!

Let’s slow things down a little from Fridays fun conditioning session.

How did you like that one?

Here’s some strength with a little bit of conditioning to keep your heart pumping along with some freestyle ab movements to help keep the midsection right and tight.

Circuit though these movements with weighted or body weight options…

Always try new things and practice things that you don’t like and put you in an uncomfortable state.

That’s how progress happens!

40 seconds of work with a 20 second rest between each exercise:

  • Goblet squat/lunge/split squat (or combo such as squat to lunge with or without weight)
  • Dumbbell or kettlebell press, see saw press, single arm press, push ups or landmine press
  • Freestyle abs: sliders, power wheel, plank options, crawls, side bends, Bulgarian bag stuff
  • Row option can be single arm kettlebell,dumbbell row or ring rows/pull ups or even bands
  • Cardio option or sled push/pull 

5 rounds of this circuit with a 1:20 rest between each set should set you right…

Have and AMAZING weekend!

ALWAYS stay active!