I hope everyone had a great weekend. I know last week was a tough week of training, but we are getting right back into it tomorrow with the “Stinky John” row / burpee ladder challenge.

This weekend myself and Tom J took another step towards the IM. We competed in the Rev 3, 70.3 triathlon in Middlebury Ct.  I have to say that I have done many races over the years but this course was by far the most brutal!  The only flat part of the course was the swim. The bike section was never flat, you were either going up or coming down, but it felt like we did way more up than down. There was a 7 mile section between mile 23-30 that  was only uphill. After the bike came the run which was even tougher. The 1st 3 miles were uneventful but after that it got ugly. From mile 3-5 was a 2 mile climb and after that the climbs kept coming all the way to the finish.  Both Tom and I had great races and it gave us some much needed confidence for the upcoming IM.

More to come