IKFF Certified Kettlebell Teacher Coarse

If you live in the State of New Jersey, don’t miss this rare opportunity to train with and learn from the best in the business!

If you have been looking to become a certified kettlebell instructor, or just looking to polish up your skills…..

Here’s your chance!

Our good freind Steve Cotter and partner Ken Blackburn will be bringing their Internationally renown Kettlebell Training to the Jersey Shore.

Don’t miss the chance to train and get certified by some of the best kettlebell experts in the World right here in Avon-by-the-sea.

August 8th  and 9th

Get in on the Early Bird price!

The price will go up after July 15.

It’s no secret that kettlebells have proven themselves to be one of the most effective training tools in existence for developing every attribute on the physical/athletic continuum – strength, endurance, core strength, agility, flexibility and the list goes on. However, there really hasn’t been a comprehensive system that brings together the all the benefits kettlebells have to offer. Until now! – that is where the CKT certification comes in!

What will you learn at a CKT certification?

  • The core Kettlebell lifts and all their variations!
  • How to properly execute all of the competition lifts involved in Russian Kettlebell Sport – swing, snatch, clean, jerk, clean and jerk.
  • How you can still achieve all of your fitness goals despite the challenge of limited time
  • How to design a program for any fitness goal you or your clients may have – strength, endurance, work capacity, muscle mass, mobility etc.
  • The necessary drills needed to help ensure you and your clients learn all the lifts safely
  • The multiple types of energy needed for powerful pressing and squatting
  • The importance of training for “time” and how it can take your “work capacity” through the roof!
  • How kettlebells train your body to effectively manage any type of force encountered in the real world
  • How to create the “blueprint” necessary for achieving mastery in Russian Kettlebell sport
  • Why kettlebells make you more resistant to injury
  • How kettlebells can be combined with other training methods to develop un-matched athleticism (more on this in the FMD certification!)
  • Why learning to regulate your tension is a huge must in improving your lifts and athleticism
  • And much more!

Check out Steve and Ken in action!