"Gain the Unfair Advantage over your Opponent"

CrossFit Jersey Shore is teaming up with Greg (Agility Man) Hannah from The  Jersey Shores’  famous Hawk Speed School.

The "Agility Man" Specializes in intense programs designed to athletes move quicker on their field of play and  respond quicker to actions within their sport.

Just look at some of the athletes he has helped out!

  • Blake Hamilton-Northeast Conference Player of the Year, Monmouth University Currently playing professional basketball in the Euro League
  • Corey
    Hallet, Monmouth University Graduate who played in the NCAA tournament
    and is Currently playing professional basketball in the Euro League
  • Whitney
    Coleman- 2005 Northeast Conference Rookie of the Year, Monmouth
    University.  Currently starting shooting guard for Hawks
  • Jen
    Bender-2008 Northeast Conference-All Conference 2nd Team.  Averaged
    17.3 points per game and 10.0 Rebounds this season for the Hawks
  • Tahlia Smoke-New Jersey’s #1 female tennis player in the state
  • Julia Martz- Goalie, Manasquan High School Girls Soccer Team -200 Saves and 8 Shoutouts in 2007
  • Kieran Halton-Meet of Champion High Jumper 2007 Manasquan High School
  • Nicci Ballestreri-Record Sprinter at Manasquan High School. Meet of Champions in 2007 for Long Jump and 55M record holder.
  • Starting 5 Manasquan High School Boys Basketball Team- "A Central" Champions 2007-2008
  • Several Members of Manasquan High School Girls Tennis Team- Monmouth County and State Champions 07-08
  • Several Players on the 2007 Manasquan High School Football Team -Undefeated #3 in the State and 10 time State Champions

Don’t you want to put your name on this list?


I think It’s obvious that this highly motivated trainer is quickily building a great reputation as a hard worker and a great coach in the shore area.

Wait, there’s more!!

We can’t forget about the strength component !  I’m talking about useful/explosive strength that will actually make a serious impact on athletic prowess!

Embarrass your opponent!  Leave them in the dust……dumbfounded,  confused!


Combine "The Agility Man’s" battle tested methods with "CrossFit Jersey Shore’s" unique metabolic and strength training system using Russian Kettlebells and other proven methods.

This system is the only one of it’s kind in the area!  We use combine our cutting edge kettlebell training with other unique methods.

Look what others have to say about CrossFit Jersey Shores’ Mike Stehle and Jim Milkowski.

is the type of trainer who can make you work harder then you ever
thought you could. I’ve had the pleasure of training with Mike for
almost 10 years. His love and committment to training is endless and
contagious. He always makes you want to achieve the next level. Just
when you think you have nothing left to give, Mike finds away to make
you work harder and keep going. His motivation and expertise compares
to no other. Mike and the New Jersey Crossfit guys are truly the best

Moe McCartney(former Division I soccer player) – Neptune City, NJ

have been training with Jim for over a year now. During the first
training session, I was so very impressed with Jim’s style. His
easy-going nature and encouragement gave me the confidence to believe
that I could grow strong. I was also impressed with Jim’s serious
approach to technique. He was, and continues to be, most concerned that
his clients have the "technique" down, thereby avoiding injuries which
can discourage training. Over the past year, I have grown impressively
strong and so much more confident! Jim pushes us hard, yet he always
has an encouraging remark. In fact, when you’re really struggling
through a set, it’s then that Jim’s input really helps. Jim mixes up
his personal training sessions and his Crossfit workouts. You can’t
wait to get to The Training Room to see what "beating" he’s devised!
Just watch out for that glimmer in his eye and that smirk his mouth
makes. It’s then that you know he’s come up with another killer for the
"Plaza of Pain!" I’ll never train anywhere else!

Siobhan Ryan – Belmar, New Jersey


We are offering this RARE 8 week camp starting
on June 23 and ending on August 14.

Go below to sign up and get the "Unfair
Advantage" over your opponent. 

We guarantee  you will be glad you did.

Here are the packages and options:  Pick your

Speed and Agility Only
2 Times a week for…

6 Sessions -$150 (3 weeks)

10 Sessions-$200 (5 weeks)

12 Sessions-$250 (6 weeks)

The Whole Enchilada(recommended): 8 weeks to devastating speed and ground
-breaking strength.

Take as many classes as you want in 8 weeks with the
"Agility Man" and "




and leave your opponent dumbfounded and confused as you leave them in your dust!

We recommend 4 days of training per week with
this package.  Two days with "Agility Man" and two days with
"Mike and Jim".  This combination will be more then enough to
prepare ANY athlete for battle on the playing field.

Cost: $300 (8 weeks)

CrossFit Jersey Shore’s battle tested methods!

Last years graduating class with "The Agility Man"