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Welcome to the Training Room’s Workout’s Page.  This page will give you access to about 4,000 workouts we have posted over more than 10+ years giving you a seamlessly never-ending inventory of workouts you can use in your own life at home, when traveling, during the holidays, and more to keep your endurance high, and keeping you in shape wherever you are!  Take a look at the Training Room workouts.  There are pages and pages of them for you to choose from.  Have a great wor,out!

Ten Minute Triplet Challenges

Ten Minute Triplet Challenges Hey Training Room family! As for Wednesday , in case you haven’t been paying attention, it’s a conditioning day and ALSO a challenge day with 10 minute triplet challenges. We will do doing 3 ten minute triplet challenges (3...

Bursting with STRENGTH

Tuesday we will be bursting with strength at The Training Room. We will have several options for you to choose from when it comes to the strength movements,

Your Monday Conditioning Circuit

Monday Conditioning Circuit We will be kicking the week off with conditioning circuit. It will be a great week. Just show up, apply yourself and have some fun! We have a conditioning circuit set up for you on Monday! Just in case you were wondering, this is week 8 of...

Happy Freestyle Friday!

Happy Freestyle Friday Hey Training Room friends! We can’t wait to see your smiling faces on Freestyle Friday! Did you know that we are running our Beers and Bells event this Sunday at the Manasquan gym? The event will run from 9-11 with a post gathering. More...

Ten Minute Metcons

Here are your ten minute metcons (fancy word meaning metabolic conditioning that we used all the time when The Training Room was CrossFit)

2010 Intervals

Tuesday is a conditioning day and we will kick things off with 2010 intervals.Just because your doing 20/10 intervals, that doesn’t make it Tabata.

Long Intervals

Friday is a conditioning day at The Training Room and we will hit some long intervals. Long intervals will be 5 minutes and recovery is 2:30.