30 Day Pizza Challenge!

Stay tuned right here for the 30 day pizza challenge vlog!

I will be visiting some the the best pizza places in Momouth County, NJ for the the next 30 days!


I few reasons…
  1. I love pizza.
  2. To keep things REAL and talk about stuff other then kettlebells and workouts! 
  3. It will be fun!
  4. Promote local, hard working business owners (owning your own business is very challenging and they can ALWAYS use the support from other hard working business owners).
  5. To let folks know that you don’t need to go on extreme and rigid diets to maintain a healthy lifestye. Moderation is the key to everything!
  6. To promote a sustainable active lifestye to balance out the pizza eating.

First stop was the legendary Federici’s in Freehold!

Since I was working at Freehold High School this morning, it made sense to make this my first stop at on the 30 day tour.

I spoke to the owner, also named Mike and told him that he was my first stop of a 30 day tour.

It turns out the both of his kids were students of mine and he now lives in Manasquan as well (small world stuff).

Anyway, he was very appreciative!

Watch the video below and please let me know what your favorite local spot is! (comment below)