Workouts with NO Equipment (Body Weight)

I hope you all are doing well and keeping yourselves moving!

Are you getting some good quality family time in?

While we are all stuck at home, it is crucial for us to stay active and continue, or start some healthy eating habits.

Therefore, don’t allow yourself to get SOFT during the pandemic!

As a health and fitness professional for over 30 years, I am always looking for creative ways of staying fit during a LOCK DOWN!


What have we been up to at The Training Room?

We have been compiling an awesome library of exercises and follow along workouts that require very little or NO equipment.

Luckily, I also have a couple of teenagers who grew up watching their parents stay active and are constently being reminded of the importance of active lifestyle and solid nutrition.

Lead by Example.

We as parents, teachers, coaches, etc need to continue to lead by example because this is what we were put on this earth to do!

I am a High School Athletic Trainer at Freehold Boro that’s not currently working at school during this time.

Hoping some of my athletes are reading this (feel free to drop a comment below).

I feel the need to continue help keep my athletes conditioned and ahead of the game.

SO, writing and video taping workouts etc will be my contribution to remote learning/fitness.

Stay tuned for more video including a “shin slints prevention” video since I’m sure many of you are out running a lot.

Both athletes and parents should be taking the time to stay in shape or start getting in shape.

When we come out of this, we want to be better then we were before!

Use your Time Wisely

There are many athletes that are now NOT IN SEASON due to the cancelling of Spring sports.

Please use this time to make yourself both physically and mentally stronger.

Work on mobility and flexibility!

RUN and so some sprints, hills etc.

When to time comes for you to jump back to full force into your sport or normal life, you will be completely prepared!


I know that sounds “old school” but it’s the HARD TRUTH which we ALL need to hear!

You should work on things your are not good at and want to improve upon in your life!

Download a breathing and or meditation app on your phone and use it every day (I need to follow my own advise).

As the corny saying goes…


Here’s a good start on your quest for fitness and heath!

10 Minute Body Weight Flow that requires no equipment.

I thank my daugher Cat for being a good sport!

Try this for 10 to 15 Minutes

Take breaks as needed, but try not to!

  • 1 Body weight get up (both sides)
  • 5 push ups
  • Walkup
  • 5-10 squats (keep those ffet straight and knees out)
  • Single leg hing 5/5
  • Walkout
  • Crawl (use spinal movement) 5 forward/5 back
  • 10 sit throughs

COMMENT BELOW and let me know how you did!