Injury Prevention in and Out of the Gym

We are ALL active humans!

Even though being active is healthy, sometimes we can get carried away.

ALL of us have been there or are STILL there…

Many of us want to charge HARD every day!
Until, POW! Injury strikes! (AKA…THE SNIPER)

You NEVER will know when this unexpected SNIPER will sneak up on you.

Some of us are lucky and have not yet experienced any of this (yet).

It could happen at home picking up a sock off the floor, attempting your PR in the deadlift or during a 5k run.

You may get sniped in the back, the hip, knee or possibly shoulder (all body parts are game for the sniper).

The SNIPER does NOT descriminate against ANY body parts.


How do we keep this evil sniper at bay?

Well, we can start by adding at least one recovery session per week into our 8 week training blocks at The Training Room.

Recovery and Injury prevention sessions can include some of the following…

  • Recognising muscle pain, disfunction and addressing it.
  • Doing simple self soft tissue work.
  • Movements with your own body weight/light weight/band movements/balance etc.
  • Addressing joint mobility issues with appropriate movements.
  • Activation drills and light “cardio” to lock in the mobility you gained from the session.

We can also give you simple things you can do at home or prior to your activities you love to dou outside of the gym.

We’ve got your back (your hips, and shoulders too, literally)

We are VERY excited to present this to YOU, our members to make ALL of us better!

Watch the video and comment below!

Mike Stehle is a certified Athletic Trainer (Licsensed the NJ Board of Medical Examiners) at Freehold High School for the last 30 years and co-owner of The Training Room since 1999.

Mike has extensive backgrounds in both the health/fitness and Sports Medicine fields and loves helping people! 

Mike Stehle, Founder of The Training Room in Avon-by-theSea