6 Week Kids Running Camp

An introduction to the basics of running for kids ages 7-13!

Starting July 9 at The Training Room in Manasquan.

Learn how to run from the ground up in a fun and informative way!

Athletes will receive proper instruction beginning with…

  • Preparation
  • Stretching and warm up/cool down
  • Running mechanics
  • Proper form
  • Training methods (including other sports)
  • Racing
  • Nutrition/hydration
  • Proper sneakers and gear


  • How to run for speed
  • How to run for distance
  • How to run for sports
  • How to run and enjoy lifetime of health and fitness!

From 50 meters to 10 k; all age appropriate events will be discussed.

Sessions will be coached by Brian Prendergast – Training Room Trainer and USA Track and Field Certified Coach. 

Class information: This 6 week program starts July 9 and will run on Tuesdays at 8:30 AM at our Training room Manasquan facility located at 63 Atlantic Avenue.

  • 8:30-9:30 for ages 7-13 year old

Brian Prendergast || The Training Room Personal Trainer

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