The 6:00am and 8:45am crew kicked some ass this morning.  The 60/30 cardio circuit is extremely tough and the am crews killed it. After they all got there talking out during the warm-up,  its was all business for the  next 30min.  We had some training room all-stars in attendance today, starting with the Anti-Mike, Jumbo Rig, D2 n D4, Aunt Cindy Junior, the Housewives of Sea Girt, Claire “I’m Sorry” B., and many more.

Unfortunately I was unable to do the workout so I hit the track instead.  My track workout consisted of a 11/4 mile warm-up, 6×400 hard ( 5:40 pace),  with a 200 recovery and 1 mile cool down.  Total distance 4.5 miles, total time 35min.

Coming soon: Advanced Adventure Bootcamp!