Its been 2 weeks since my last blog.  I hope everyone has enjoyed the past 2 weeks wo’s. Tomorrow will will start our 7th week of our 8 week cycle with a great all body weight WO.  Please remember to chart your #s. Its the only way to make sure you keep progressing.

My training has been going really well.  I have been able to complete all of my prescribed wo’s ( which is no easy feet with a family a full time job).  The topper of the week was getting through my 50mile ride today, despite being up all night tending my daughters stomach flu! I must of cleaned the puke bucket 10 times. My 2 weeks totals look like this: Swam 10,300 meters: Biked 161miles: Ran 61: Strength 4x’s.

This coming weeks training will be very light, in order to taper for the NJ  marathon this coming Sunday. If all goes according to plan, I will run a time of 3:15.

More to come.