Thank you to all for coming  today to the nutrition lecture.

I am not happy with the way it turned out and I feel personally responsible for that.

The Training Room should have laid out more information on what was going to be discussed. Tom B. offered his services for free and went over the basics of nutrient timing and general nutrition guidelines.

I now realize that the majority of you wanted more detailed info on the hows and whys of primal eating.  With that being said, the Training Room is having a TR only open forum this Tuesday night at 8:00 so we can talk and review the Primal diet in more detail.

We are hoping that after this everyone will have a better understanding of primal eating and will be better able to implement the primal program.  I am very sorry if you did not get what you expected from today’s lecture, but hopefully after Tuesday you will have the guidelines you need to start your new way of looking at food.

I hope most of you will be able to attend.