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Lost over 100 lbs!

Joining the Training Room was a birthday gift I had given myself a few years ago, and it continues to be the “gift that keeps on giving”.   Thanks to the strength and condition training program that Jim and Mike developed, I’ve lost over 100 lbs, was able to stop taking medication for blood pressure and cholesterol,and tapped into unrealized physical potential.  In addition, I’ve seen strength gains and have been able to maintain the weight loss for awhile now.
The training at The Training Room focuses on getting results, and keeping everyone motivated to challenge themselves during the workouts.  In addition, Mike and Jim stay abreast of the latest fitness developments and pass the knowledge onto their clients.  The workouts change from day-to-day, which keeps things interesting.  It’s daily practice of mine to check their website each morning to see what’s in store for me in the evening.
Joining the Training Room is undeniably the best gift I’d ever given myself…the gift of good physical health!