Its been way to long since my last blog. I am finally getting back to normal after seven months of  Ironman training. It feels good to have accomplished my goal but I am very happy to get back to my normal life.  Over the past three weeks I have gradually started getting back to my Training Room workouts, and I have been sore as hell!  I was unable to do yesterdays  fitness test so I decided to do it on my own today, so I could get a good baseline of my fitness.  Here are my results: 2min squats 101; 2min pushups 69; 2min situps 63: pullups max 21: I took 3min rest between exercises. my numbers were pretty low for my standard so my goal  in 4 weeks is to hit 80 pushups, 115 squats,  75 situps, and 25 pull-ups.  I did not do the snatch test because I needed to do some sprint tri training  right after the fitness test. I did 8min on 2 min off 3 exercises. Started with the run 1.3 miles; Ski erg 1839m: and finished with 5000m on the watt bike.

Don’t forget about the marathon row next Saturday. All participants should arrive no later than 12:30. The row starts at 1:00.