Tomorrow we will be having our first Warrior Challenge workout. The Warrior Challenge is only 6weeks away so its time to start putting in some specific training for the event. Tomorrows workout wont be an exact replica of the Warrior Challenge , but its something you wont want to miss! If you have a weighted vest please bring it with you to tomorrows class.

My IM challenge is now only 10 weeks away. This past weekend myself and small head TOM competed in the 2.4mile lava swim in the Barnaget Bay, and this weekend we will be traveling to Ct. for the Rev 3 half iron dist race.  This will be my  first Tri of this season, so I am excited to see where I am at.  My only concern is my nagging IT band tendinitis, since the marathon it has been given me trouble.  Hopefully with some ART. ice, ibuprofen and coopers pale ale I will be at 100% on Sunday.

More to Come