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Friday is 1 Minute STRENGTH Sets!

If you are a Training Room Member or have an active Punch Card to either Avon or Manasquan, check your email for some important updates regarding our INDOOR Training and what that will look like beginning September 1st.  We will ALWAYS have our outdoor training so no need to worry about that!

Here’s your Workout on Friday

60 work /30 rest x 5 rounds:

  1. clean or Single leg deadlift (left/right)
  2. Press overhead or Floor press (left/right)
  3. Split squat (left/right)
  4. 1 arm row (left/ right)


60/30 circuit 1 x through:

  1. row or run /
  2. bike or JR /
  3. ski or sq thrusts /
  4. stepups /
  5. crawl or plank: :

Here’s your ONLINE Workout:

Single-Sided Strength Workout:

Intervals will be set for 20 seconds work/ 15 seconds rest
You will complete one exercise (Left/ Right) x 5 Each (10 total sets) and then move to the next!

  1. One Arm Press Overhead or Floor L/R or 1 Arm Push Up
  2. Single Leg Dead L/R, or Single Leg Hip Bridge L/R
  3. One arm Ring Rows or Dumbbell Rows L/R
  4. Ab Choice #1/ Ab Choice #2

There’s a FINISHER too!

Here’s our Single-Sided Strength Workout Video: