Very simple strength today…

You will start out with a moderate weight and work up as you go down in reps.

Beginners can  use one kettlebell for this.

Warm up with a two round kettlebell warm up:

  • kettlebell swings 10/ second round 4/4 one handed swings
  • push ups 10/ second round 8 push ups
  • kettlebell high pulls 10/ second round 4/4 cleans
  • presses 5/ second round 4/4 press
  • goblet squats 5/  4 goblet squats
  • one arm rows 5/5 / second round 4/4 rows
  • jumping jacks 15
  • bicycles 15
Here are your movements from 10-2
You can alternate with a partner or circuit through this working up to two rep max…
  • Choice of deadlift (straight bat, trap bar, kettlebell)
  • One arm floor press r/l or one arm bench press
  • Pull up, One arm row of double kettlebell row
  • Ab choice: get ups, walkouts, rollouts, windmills
Finisher: double or single kettlebell clean for 30 seconds/rack hold for 30 seconds x 4 rounds
Or Gas Pipe finisher…
One partner rows 250 meters while the other holds  two kettlebells in the rack…
Repeat for 4-5 rounds.
Here’s the video>>>