10 Minute Conditioning Circuit

Here’s your Conditioning Circuit for Wednesday!

You will switch exercises every minute. Resting 2 Minutes after each complete circuit.  Complete for a total of 3 rounds. 

This is a great workout and will warm you up in no time!

 10 minutes on / 2 minutes off x 3rds

  1. Jumping Jacks or Jump Rope
  2. Walkouts to stand
  3. Swings
  4. Crab toe touch or bicycles
  5. Skaters or lateral steps
  6. Mini crawl, mountain climbers or shoulder taps
  7. Box step-ups or alternate back luges
  8. Bulgarian swing, rotational slam, or twists 
  9. Squat thrusts or squat press
  10. Run in place

Here’s a classic conditioning workout you can do at home anytime:

Intervals: 30/25, 30/20, 30/15, 30/10, 30/5

Take 1 minute rest between circuits

  • Drop squat, air, surfer
  • Crawl or mountain climb (sliders,paper plates etc)
  • Knee slaps or jog in place
  • Swings, or jump
  • Towel bullwhips: Watch the video (everyone needs to have a beach towel)
  • But kickers or Jumping jacks
  • Skaters, hops
  • Russian twist or standing twists,rope flow
  • Sit throughs, crabs, or Bicycles

We are a work in progress, and thank you for your patience!

Fast forward on this one, we had some technical issues, but believe they have been resolved!

This was an INCREDIBLE workout with NO equipment!